We have well over 100 horses here at any one time. Ranging from our resident Shetland ponies Ginger and Branny, some retired ‘older ladies’ and the range of professional ponies we have suitable for 6 year olds to high goal players. 

Despite our large numbers of horses each one is looked after as an individual. We have excellent team of grooms, who are incredibly passionate in the care of their strings. ‘Horses come first’ is in the job description at Longdole!


Our School and Hire ponies all have yearly veterinary checks under the terms of our Riding School Licence. We are happy to report that, as in previous years, we have once again obtained our Licence for 2015/16 and all ponies passed with flying colours.

No matter who they are or what their specific job might be, every horse here gets a top level of care. Polo is a strenuous sport and we could not keep our horses to as high a standard without the help of a team of professionals:





Bourton Vale Equine Clinic


Kerry Clampton

  • Chartered Physiotherapist (MCSP)
  • Member of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapis in Animal Therapy (ACPAT)
  • www.acpat.org


Noel Reid Farriers

  • Dip WCF (Worshipful Company of Farriers)
  • 07557 688235


Stuart Philpott




APSPH (The Association of Polo Schools and Pony Hirers)

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